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Do I need a prescription to buy?

Customers from the United States who purchase CPAP machines and masks for their own use need a valid prescription sent to us before we ship their orders.

If you are buyer from a country other than the United States, we do not need your prescription. If you are a US person buying for someone who lives outside the US, we do not need their prescription, but we need to verify that your order will be shipped abroad.

If you are purchasing CPAP machines or masks for resale purpose, you do not need a prescription, but you do need to contact us so we can verify your status as a reseller.

Shipping your order

We ship orders domestically and internationally. You can choose which carrier to use and which shipping speed. If you do not see an option you want, or if you want your order to be delivered overnight or by a specific date, please contact us.

Keep in mind that "2-day delivery" means 2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). All express orders placed before 3 PM Mountain time will be shipped the very same day, and if after 3 pm - the following day. For example, if a 2-day delivery order has been placed on Friday after 3 PM Mountain time, it will be shipped on Saturday and delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Due to the increased number of fraudulent claims of items not being received, we require a signature for all orders over $200. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the carrier will either try to re-deliver the next day, or they will leave you a note with an address where your mail can be picked up.

International orders will be shipped by DHL. It usually takes between one and five business days if the customs office in your country is not busy. It will take longer during the holiday season.

We do not ship to Spain because they do not allow CPAP equipment there. If you place an order from Russia or China, it can only be shipped by DHL if you are an officially registered business. Neither Russia nor China allows DHL delivery to individuals. If you are not a business, your order will be shipped by USPS Priority or Express mail.

If you are a buyer from Mexico, we will ship your order by USPS Priority or Express mail (no DHL shipments).

If you are an international buyer, expect to pay some kind of fees and duties. From our experience these charges can be as low as $83 Canadian dollars for Canadian buyers, and as high as $120 USD for buyers from Asia and some European countries.

We are not customs experts, so we do not know, nor can we predict, what customs taxes and/or dues will be included. It is the responsibility of the buyer to cover these charges. If a buyer changes his or her mind and decides to return the order because he/she does not want to pay the customs fees, we will issue a full refund except for the shipping charges we incurred.

What we ship

We sell several different kits that fall into three categories - machines with a standard hoses, machines with heated hoses, and machines with a heated hose and a mask.

Regardless of the kit you have chosen, all machines are shipped with the built-in heated humidifier, water chamber, universal power supply, hose (heated or unheated), set of filters, and a carrying case. This combination of items is known as a kit model 37207. The model number will be printed on the box in which the machine is shipped.

If machine is shipped with a heated hose, it is kit model 37208. The heated hose is the only difference between 37207 and 37208.

Finally, the third kit includes a mask. There is no specific model number for this kit, so we advertise it as "37208 with a mask".

Please note that the unit itself has a model number 37028 printed on it. It should not be confused with the other model numbers.

All machines that we sell are brand new, unless specifically and prominently marked otherwise.

Please note that machines are shipped in travel cases. Each piece of accessory has its own compartment. If you cannot find something, like a hose, please check the travel case again. Hoses, for example, are located in zipped pockets. Memory cards could be either pre-installed or found in the paper sleeve along with the machine manuals.

Where is my hose?

All machines we ship come with a hose. Hose is located in a zipped compartment of your carry case (some customers find it difficult to locate). Plese refer to the photo below if you cannot find it.

location of the hose


If you are making a purchase for a kit with a mask and you do not know which mask you need, please ask your doctor or whoever did your sleep study. If it turns out that you breath with your mouth open at night, most likely you need a full face mask. If not, either a nasal mask or nasal pillows would suffice. We usually carry both types.

Please note that if the mask you received does not fit you, it cannot be replaced with another mask. Any masks that are opened cannot be resold and will be discarded for health reasons. Thus, please do your research or consult with your doctor prior to placing the order.


The power supply shipped with your machine can work with any voltage system in the world. You do not need any adapters or converters. You only need to use a power cord that has the correct electrical plug.

Heated hose

Please note that even though the heated hose is called "heated," it is not necessarily warm or hot to the touch. These hoses are heated just enough to prevent moisture condensation from occurring when the patient sleeps in a cold room. If you do not feel the hose warm to the touch, it is not an indication that it is faulty.

Receipt for reimbursement

If you are planning on submitting a receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement, please contact us. We will be glad to prepare one for you. If your insurance company requires specific codes or wording on the receipt, let us know.

Machine setup

If you purchased an AirSense 10 AutoSet machine from us, keep in mind that it needs to be set up prior to use. Contrary to a popular belief, even though this machine is Auto-Adjusting, it still needs to be programmed properly. The best way to do this is to ask your doctor to help you. If you are planning on doing the programming yourself or making changes, you will need to access the clinical menu. Please press and hold simultaneously the Home and round Selection buttons for about five seconds. Once the clinical menu appears you can make any changes you desire.

clinical menu

If you need a clinical guide for your machine, please contact us.

If you feel that your machine is not working as expected (blowing too much air or not enough), it is most likely an incorrect setup. If you are confused and cannot program it properly, please ask your doctor for help. We are not allowed to set up machines for customers.


Your machine comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty covers the machine and the power supply only. Accessories, such as water chambers or hoses, are covered by a 6-month warranty. If you need your unit to be serviced, please contact us, not the manufacturer. Your machine would need to be shipped back to us for service, repairs, or replacement. Additional warranty could be purchased for certain new and used CPAP machines.

Water for humidifier

It is extremely important to use distilled water for your humidifier. Never use tap water. Tap water contains salts that will be deposited to the bottom of the water chamber, which eventually leads to poor humidification performance, reduction of the water chamber heater life, and damage to the water chamber itself (it will eventually start leaking due to deformation caused by excessive heat needed to overcome the insulation effect of the salts). The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover improperly used water chambers, so if you found yours leaking, unfortunately, you would need to buy a new one.


Please use mild soap to clean your mask, water chamber, and hose. You want to clean your mask cushion on daily basis, and your hose once every six months. Depending on whether you smoke or have pets, your machine filters might need to be changed between once every three months to once a year. Never submerge your machine in water or clean it in a dishwasher. We sell cleaning kits that can assist you in cleaning your equipment faster.

Network connectivity

The machines we sell are made for the U.S. market. We do not guarantee that they will have a cellular connection in your country. This is why we send memory cards with each international order.

Sleep data

You should ask your doctor to download and interpret your sleep data. If your doctor is unable to retrieve your sleep data, you can download software to access the data from your memory card on your own. Please visit an Apnea Board Forum for more information.

MyAir App

Please note that we do not support sleep data software or the MyAir app.

SD card

We ship all international orders with memory cards. If you are located in the U.S. and want an SD card to be shipped with your order, please let us know before or immediately after you placed the order.

Customer support

Our official hours are from 9 AM and to 9 PM 7 days a week, but we are often available at other times to accommodate our international customers. If you receive a voicemail message when you call, it means we are on the phone with another customer. Please leave us a message and we will return your phone call promptly.

Therapy - what to expect

We have seen a number of people try a sleep apnea machine for a week and decide that it is not for them. This is a big mistake. You cannot expect to see the results of the therapy that fast.

Yes, you will feel miserable for at least a month, if not longer, but eventually you will see the benefits of the therapy. Your focus and concentration will improve greatly, your memory will ibe enhanced, and you will feel more full of evergy and awake.

It is extremely important to continue the therapy even if you feel like it is not working. You will eventually feel so much better! Please do not give up the therapy!

Return policy

Our return policy is designed for customers who are purchasing our equipment with the intent to keep it. If someone wants to try a CPAP machine or a mask, they will be better off renting one somewhere first.

We do accept returns of CPAP machines and masks within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase, however, we do charge fees on returned items. If a machine is returned unused, we will refund 100% of the machine price minus the shipping costs.

If a machine is returned used, we charge 30% of the sale price plus the shipping we paid (if any).

Masks are accepted only in unopened packages. We do NOT offer any returns for opened or used masks.

For more information click here.

Mask Cleaning FAQ:

Keeping any mask in good, clean condition will lengthen its lifespan and ensure a user’s health and safety. Not only will regular cleaning increase the overall comfort of the therapy experience, but will ensure that the product operates correctly and provides an effective seal through the durations of treatment. While the user guide for each mask model contains complete instructions on cleaning the product, these general FAQ sections will provide the basics of what to do and what not to do when washing, rinsing, and storing your CPAP therapy mask for long-term use and benefits.

Why should a mask be cleaned?

For many reasons. To begin, there is dirt, oil, dust, and residue that can collect on a mask from the surrounding environment. This can not only damage or add wear to the mask and its materials, but can also collect upon the skin of the user if not cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

How often should a mask be cleaned?

In general, a mask should be cleaned every day or after each use. In addition, the headgear should be cleaned at least once every week.

How should a mask be cleaned?

Masks and headgear straps should be hand washed by gently rubbing them in warm water and mild soap. Components should be rinsed in filtered or potable water and air-dried outside of direct sunlight. Masks should never be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Please refer to your mask user guide for more detailed instructions.

Every Day Washing or After Each Use:

  1. First disassemble the mask (see mask user guide for more detailed instructions). Disassemble any pillows or accessories from the frame.
  2. Thoroughly hand wash each component (excluding headgear and soft sleeves) by gently rubbing them in warm water (80°F/26°C < 86°F/30°C) and mild soap. To ensure the quality of the mask seal, any residual facial oils should be removed from the cushion after use.
  3. With a soft-bristle brush, clean all vents and swivels, swivel rings, or ball joints.
  4. Carefully Inspect each component to ensure that everything washed is visibly clean.
  5. Rinse all the components with potable water and air dry (again, outside of any exposure to direct sunlight).
  6. When all components are dry, reassemble your mask (see user guide for further instructions).

Additional Weekly Washing:

  1. Hand wash the headgear and soft sleeves if included.
  2. Rinse well with potable water and allow to air dry (out of direct sunlight).
  3. Note that headgear is washed as is without need for disassembly.
  4. Also note that headgear dyes may run during the first wash.

If any component shows signs of dirt, oils, cracking, or other wear continuing after cleaning, replace that component.

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Do I need a prescription to buy?
Customers from USA and Canada who purchase CPAP machines and masks for their own use need a valid prescription sent to us before we ship their orders.

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